The School is on Fire!

Friday morning dawned, and with it came the promise of the weekend. On a normal Friday, the children would be readying themselves for the final weekday of classes before departing for the weekend. On this day, however, they would find themselves watching thick plumes of black smoke curl toward the morning sky. Sometime earlier that morning, one of the school’s chimneys faltered; it was followed by a blaze that could be seen from the farthest reaches of the town.

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The Camp on Koronis

On a warm summer day, when the breeze is soft and the water reflects the world above it, you may spot an eagle soaring high above the tree line near the site of Horton’s once prized camp. That eagle is older than any one of us, not in age but in thought. For centuries it’s flown high above the point on Lake Koronis, long before the lake had a name. Every summer it returns to the lake, searching for prey, and searching for a nesting spot. We see it today much like those from a thousand years ago, and those who gave the lake its modern name. They saw it then and called the spot Eagle Point. We see it today and know that although some things in life change, others will echo the past for the eternity to come.

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The Tale of “Koronis Man”

No one ever knew where he lived; some say his lair was deep in the woods that surrounded the shores of Lake Koronis, others believed him to hide in a cave that may have may existed on First Island. He would appear and disappear at will, but only once did he terrorize Paynesville. On occasion […]

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“…Endeavor to Persevere…”

“We told him how our land was stolen, and our people were dying…he shook our hand and said…Endeavor to Persevere….The newspapers took our picture and wrote ‘Indians…Endeavor to Persevere…’ We thought about that…Endeavor to Persevere… And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union…”

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The Refugees in Paynesville

One of the most historic, local stories from the Dakota War in 1862 has to do with the group of Paynesville men who went out into the breach to rescue survivors stranded on the prairie. They met no enemy on their journey, but came across scores of people, both alive and dead, that were victims […]

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