While Most Things Change

While Most Things Change… When the hard biting cold of winter falls upon us, I find myself spending a good portion of time trying to catch a fish under the frozen confines of a lake. There was one evening, last winter, that burny itself into my memory, likely for the rest of my life. I […]

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Old Paynesville

Albert Kingsriter and His Memories of Old Paynesville It can sometimes be hard to imagine the sights and sounds of Old Paynesville. The small community with wooden sidewalks and kerosene lamps seem as incomprehensible to the modern person as automobiles, cell phones, and stop lights would be to our not so distant counterparts. Many years […]

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The Story of a Pioneer

James Boylan and a Glimpse of Old Paynesville The Paynesville that James Boylan knew was much different than the one of today.  There were no street lights, paved roads, automobiles, cell phones, or the static noise of the modern world.  As with many of the first settlers, Boylan lived a subsistence lifestyle in an untamed […]

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