A Travel Ban to Paynesville…

Eventually it happened, an attack on the United States that resulted in over 2,000 Americans dead. The aggressors were of the girl’s home country. Though she had nothing to do with the attacks, and had never visited her parents’ home country, she was an enemy in the eyes of many Americans, including the President. Her travel to Paynesville would be put on hold until the government could…sort out what is going on…

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Discover Paynesville

Discover Paynesville In a column from last week’s edition of the Press, Mayor Thompson posed a question of who are we as a community, what’s our identity, and how do we use that to market our town. I found the question deeply thought provoking. After much thought, it became clear that Paynesville has one unique […]

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Hollwood or History?

I’ve recently finished watching one of my all-time favorite movies: The Last of the Mohicans, starring Russell Means and Daniel Day Lewis. The most recent visual depiction of James Fenimore Cooper’s 1826 novel, in my opinion, is one of the best visual portrayals of a historical time period that I’ve ever seen. Sure, there are […]

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A Cold Case in January

A Cold Case in January January 26, 1960: It was cold. The sun had long ago set and the night air was sharp with an icy winter chill. Those from the north will relate to these winter nights when cold air forces its way into your nose and freezes the body from the inside out. […]

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While Most Things Change

While Most Things Change… When the hard biting cold of winter falls upon us, I find myself spending a good portion of time trying to catch a fish under the frozen confines of a lake. There was one evening, last winter, that burny itself into my memory, likely for the rest of my life. I […]

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